It may seem strange to consider spraying water in the winter. However, depending on temperature, wind and sun conditions, winter power washing can easily be achieved, even in cold temperatures. While timing and procedures are adapted to the conditions, the results are just as good as at any other time of the year. A professional, licensed and insured company will know when work can be performed safely and get your surfaces power washed in the winter.

Why Would I Power Wash in the Winter?

Sometimes, waiting to power wash isn’t an option. There are many reasons both residential and commercial buildings need sprucing up, even in the winter.

1. Selling Your Home

Realtors often say the best time to sell your house is in the spring. However, the seasons do not dictate the need to sell a home. Like any other season, the appearance of the outside of your house is very important. In fact, it may be more important in the winter because other curb appeal features are dormant. With the exterior of the house being the sole first impression, making sure it is sparkling clean can be the difference between a quick sale and a house that languishes on the market.

2. Keeping Up Appearances

For a commercial business, maintaining the exterior of your building is important even in the winter. Customers and clients make assumptions as they walk through your door, and dingy exteriors or dirty windows can give the impression of a business that misses details. A good power wash can make all the difference for a great first impression and keep clients returning.

3. Getting a Head Start

Once the warm spring weather comes around, reputable power washing companies book up quickly. It doesn’t take much for those slots to get taken. The first sign of milder weather starts the phones ringing. To avoid being on a waiting list, consider doing your power washing in the winter.

If you need a winter power washing job completed, contact Vitality Pro Wash today to discuss the optimum conditions for perfect results.