It’s no surprise that fall and winter are seasons with the most rainfall and wetness. So, after autumn leaves have fallen and coincidentally filled your gutters, it is important to clear the fall foliage and prepare for winter’s rain and snow.


Dirty Gutters Can Be Hazardous in Wet Seasons 

Don’t let your gutters be a breeding ground for mildew, mold, and bacteria. Getting your gutters cleaned before winter is essential for the integrity of your gutters and your overall health. The wetness of wintertime mixed with fall leaves and branches can be a recipe for disaster, and by disaster, we mean unwanted bacteria. Getting mold and mildew out of your gutters will be a much bigger job than giving them good cleaning by a professional before winter hits. A perfect timeline for a fall

cleaning should be after most of the leaves have already fallen; we suggest late October or early November.


Better to Clean and Inspect Than to Replace and Regret

As water freezes in your gutters, any leftover foliage will freeze and weigh down your gutter alongside it. This can cause sagging gutters and could portentously damage them. Your gutters are not made to hold the weight of foliage, ice, and snow. This additional weight will pull your gutters down and away from your home, which is not a great look. Sometimes the damage to sagging gutters can be so severe that they need to be replaced entirely. Sagging and damage can be avoided altogether by getting your gutters cleaned and inspected before the cold months of winter.


Avoid Pesky Pests! 

A good cleaning before winter can be a determining factor in whether critters will choose to nest in your gutters through the winter. The last thing anyone wants to deal with come spring is animal feces and nests clogging your drains. All animals are looking for a dark place to hide come winter. At the same time, pesky insects and rodents love to feed on wet, musty leaves. We can’t promise you won’t still have to deal with pests in your gutters even if they are completely clean and dry, but keeping them cleaned will at least help you avoid them nesting and staying for longer than is reasonable.


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